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Team Togel Complete Winter Warrior 2016!

IMG_0867On Saturday, 6th February, a sixteen-strong group of employees from Togel Contractors Ltd spent a day running, or careering, around the extremely muddy Donnington Race Track and surrounding hills and woodland, for 10 kilometres, with regular ‘breaks’ known as ‘obstacles’. The course featured seventy-two obstacles which mainly consisted of jumping over things that were far too tall, jumping into muddy water that was far too deep and squeezing through things that were far too small!

This ‘fun’ was interspersed with a bunch of other activities including free-falling 15ft, being flung down a huge tube of freezing water to be spat out and hurled 30ft down a muddy tarpaulin, leaping over fire pits, being launched up near vertical walls, commando crawling through foul smelling mud, with barbed wire overhead, and scaling rather difficult climbing walls.

IMG_0930This is otherwise known as completing the infamous X Runner Winter Warrior obstacle course. This military-style obstacle course is designed to test both physical and mental strength.

The sense of achievement felt by all was immense. Team Togel had jogged, sprinted, crawled, waded, swung, jumped and climbed through every single obstacle the Winter Warrior threw at them. They were all still standing and nearly all still smiling at the end.

Barely able to walk and covered in bruises and scrapes, Team Togel, or most of them, announced the desire to compete again later in the year.

“It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do!” Views consisted of varying opinions, ranging from: “Absolutely brilliant. I’m buzzing!” to, “I’m never doing anything like this again!” At the same time, the Team was competing in aid of a very special cause as part of their ‘£30,000 for 30 Successful Years of Trading’ initiative. ‘Brainwave’ is a UK based charity which provides support for, and greater independence to, children with disabilities and additional needs. The target of £5,000 was smashed weeks before the event, with the total estimated to be pushing the £8,000 mark. The money raised from the Winter Warrior will be supporting two local children: William, who has cerebral palsy and Pollie, who has epilepsy and hydrocephalus.

We are well on the way to achieving our £30,000 target. Watch this space for further expeditions and updates!

The Team would like to thank everyone for their much appreciated, kind donations and words of support.


Especially those who had a pint waiting for us on the finish line!IMG_6480